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Veteran Christian Broadcasters & Cancer Survivors, Wayne & Willi Pederson

On this episode of Divine Intervention Radio, we are joined by veteran Christian broadcaster, Wayne Pederson, and his wife, Willi. Wayne has a long career in Christian Broadcasting and ministry, having worked at KTIS in Minneapolis, Christian Music Broadcasters, and served as Vice President of Moody Broadcasters, and President of the National Religious Broadcasters and others. Willi has a background as a flight attendant, an on-air Television sales person for dental products, and a realtor. They share their inspiring testimony of how the Lord worked in their lives, and brought them together in a powerful way after Wayne's first wife died from cancer, and how Willi survived her cancer battle. They now are serving as missionaries and media consultants, traveling all around the world.

Click below to hear the inspiring testimony of Wayne and Willi Pederson!

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