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Rock Star John Schlitt, & Author, Speaker, Musician Becky Nordquist

On this episode of Divine Intervention, we focus on the theme of music, and what God is doing in the music industry.

We are joined by rock start John Schlitt, and author, speaker and musician, Becky Nordquist.

John Schlitt began singing at 5 years old, and later, after college, he made it big time, fronting the rock band, Head East in the 1970s. The Rock & Roll lifestyle eventually caught up with John, however, and he was released from the band after eight years due to his alcohol and cocaine habit. On the brink of suicide, John had a radically transforming encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, and his life was never the same after that.

After a 5-year hiatus from Music, John was led back into the industry, becoming the lead singer of Petra in 1986, where he remained for the following 20 years. Petra become on of the most prominent and best-selling Christian rock bands of all time, and won many awards. Petra officially disbanded in 2005, and now John has his own solo career.

Becky Nordquist is a West Michigan based Speaker, author, worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist.  Her message full of hope in Christ, she offers both topical sessions and Bible study lessons. A blend of pop, gospel and folk sound, she offers an eclectic feel to worship and Christian Contemporary music.  Not a stranger to trauma, grief and loss, her music breathes undertones of someone who has honestly traveled those roads and wrestled the dark places of faith necessary to knowing God in a deeply intimate way.  Becky holds over 20 years of worship leading in her background, public speaking,  and writing. 

Click below to listen to the powerful and uplifting testimonies of John Schlitt and Becky Nordquist!

Click the images below to buy their books and music!

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