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"Unplanned" Actress, Ashley Bratcher, "Embrace Grace" Ministry Founders, Amy &am

On this Episode of Divine Intervention Radio, we are joined by "Unplanned" actress, Ashley Bratcher, and "Pro-Love" and "Embrace Grace" Ministry founders and CEOs, Amy and Ryan Ford.

Ashley Bratcher shares a bit about her acting career, her faith testimony, and the miraculous set of circumstances that prepared her for, and led her to, the role of Abby Johnson in the hit film, "Unplanned." She tells her own unplanned pregnancy story, and an amazing fact that she learned about her own past on the day she began shooting "Unplanned" that had the hand of God all over it!

Amy and Ryan Ford share their faith testimonies, and how their ministry to help equip the church to love and care for single, pregnant women and their families, was birthed out of their own unplanned pregnancy. They share some amazing divine intervention testimonies about some of the miracles they have witnessed and experienced as a result of following the Lord's leading into this ministry.

Click the images below to buy their movie and books!

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