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One of Texas Football's Winningest Coaches, Ronnie Gage, & NCAA's Oldest Football Player

On this episode of Divine Intervention Radio, we are joined by one of Texas H.S. Football's winningest coaches, Ronnie Gage, and the NCAA's Oldest-Ever Football Player, Emmet (Tom) Thompson. Tom and Coach Gage share their personal testimonies of coming to faith in Christ, as well as some of the challenges they have overcome in life. They also tell the inspiring story of how a series of divinely orchestrated events brought these two men together, and how Tom entered the record books and became the NCAA's oldest football player (under Coach Gage), and the oldest player to score a point on the field! This inspirational story will give hope to those who may have given up on their dreams in life. With God guiding you, it is never too late to fulfill your destiny and realize the dreams God has given you!

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