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International Missionary & Youth Minister, Founder of Teen Mania, Ron Luce

On this episode of Divine Intervention Radio, we are joined by international missionary and youth minister, Ron Luce. Ron Luce has dedicated his life to reaching, training and mobilizing young people for Christ. Founding Teen Mania Ministries in 1986 and hosting the popular Acquire the Fire conferences, he has spoken to 3 million young people in 60 countries, challenging them to change the world for Christ. With the swelling tidal wave of change in a post- Christian era, Ron possesses an urgency to recapture the ground that has been lost and further impact the world for the kingdom of God in this, and subsequent generations. To this end, he launched Generation Next in 2016 in an ongoing effort to assist global leaders in engaging the 1.8 billion youth of the world in the cause of Christ. Ron also currently serves as the co-chairman and director for Jesus Global Youth Day, a joint effort of Christian leaders from 45 countries to convene young people and their leaders in 2019 to inspire and equip them on a global scale to more effectively reach today’s generation for Jesus. Ron received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theology from Oral Roberts University in 1983 and a Master of Counseling Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 1986. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Liberty University. Ron is completing his doctorate degree in strategic foresight in 2019 from Regent University. He has made numerous media appearances on programs such as CNN, The O’Reilly Factor, and ABC Nightline and is the author of 30 books for teens, youth pastors, and parents. Ron and his wife, Katie, reside in Dallas, Texas and are the parents of three adult children, Cameron, Hannah, and Charity. Click the link below to hear the powerful and inspiring testimony of Ron Luce!

Click the link below to buy Ron's book!

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